Since 1958, the CF PARKER brand has been present on the market with its product thanks to the constant commitment, attention to quality and safety, to the continuous innovation of production
processes, to the mutual relationship of trust and availability with all customers.
After 60 years of experience, Parker srl is able to offer a complete range of products:

Gas Stoves
Electric Stoves
Barbecue and Gas Grill
Gas and electric Fry Top and Cuocipiada (piadina griddle)

The office area is equipped with important spaces for welcoming guests, with a large meeting room and a show room where you can get an overview of our range, as well as certify the quality of our products.

The transfer to a new location, which took place in August 2017, has allowed us to optimize the layout of the machines, helping to improve the efficiency of our entire production cycle and to further reduce the lead time.

Large warehouses for raw-materials, semi-finished and finished products allowed us a regular and
orderly flow of materials with a ready availability of our entire product range.

A well-equipped laboratory allows us to verify the reliability of each product, and before a new appliance is put on the market, we give it to a team of cooks for a period of 3 months, so that any
inefficiencies can be identified.

Satisfying our customers is our main goal.